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PCB Layout Circuit Design

The most vital element in electronic circuits and equipments is the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). It is also possible to build an electronic circuit with bread boards and zero boards, but the method is a low level and less efficient one wherein the designing circuit is prone to damage and the designing involves a complex process of placing the components of the circuit.

However, the invention of the PCB that supports physical electronic components and their wiring through the surface-mounted copper tracks is really remarkable. We can observe at least one PCB in any electronic gadgets ranging from cell phones to computers.

What is a Printed Circuit Board?

Electronic circuits in engineering and industry are normally manufactured by using printed circuit boards (PCBs). These boards are made up of special materials that do not conduct electricity such as fiber and glass. The circuits are designed on the boards with copper tracks instead of wires for the conduction of electricity between the electronic components.

The electronic components are fixed in their respective positions by drilling holes on the board, placing the components and then soldering them in appropriate positions so that the copper tracks and components together form a circuit. The printed circuit boards used in all electronic products such as automotives, wireless devices, Robotic applications, etc., offer quick functioning, access, control, monitoring and precise and exact results when compared to other wiring methods based devices The below figure shows how the circuit is arranged on a PCB with copper layer.


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