Voice Over By Celebrity


Record up to 75 words in a Donald Trump voice

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Voice Over By Celebrity

Record up to 75 words in a Donald Trump voice

From reclusive movie stars, to talk-show hosts we see and hear every day, Studio is privileged to work with many a celebrity. Voice overs come naturally to stars performing , whether or not they’re famous as voice over actors. We make everyone feel at home, and if they need some help with the genre, we’re highly experienced coaches.

Do you need to cast a celebrity for commercial voice overs? Call us (we may already have their number). Need a trusted, recognizeable, but anonymous voice? We know them. Some are celebrity voice overs, some are non-celebrity but nevertheless “famous” voice over actors, and some are simply voices oozing with confidence, trust and authority.When it comes to celebrity voice overs,  Studio has them all. Watch and listen to some fun projects we have worked on!


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